Ornaments Galore

pexels-photo-105479Have you ever been in that dilemma where you felt like you had to get a gift everyone around you? Like for that one friend of a friend, or for that one neighbor who throws your newspaper up to your porch every morning, or for that sweet office lady at your kids school? Continue reading

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Light It Up!

pexels-photo-52907Christmas is nearly two weeks away and the neighborhood streets are filled with bright and colorful lights. Driving around town in the evenings with Christmas music playing, the heater on, and Christmas lights everywhere is an unforgettable feeling that I look forward to every year. Christmas is indeed my favorite time of year! Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

apple-iphone-smartphone-deskThe holidays are just around the corner and although I am excited, I am equally as overwhelmed. The semester is coming to an end, I have gifts I have to buy and wrap, and my room is an absolute mess. I want to enjoy my holidays, not stress about them. A lot of my stress comes from not being able to find the things I am looking for. Continue reading

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A True Debate: Real or Fake?

pexels-photo-24571Christmas is just a few weeks away. I am sure by now you either have your tree decorated to the nines or have yet to even get one. When it comes to the stress of the holidays, there is really no middle of the road. There are those who have had their tree up since December 1st and there are those who get a tree one week before Christmas. Continue reading

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pexels-photo-76931Yes, you read that right… I said Thanksmas! This is a term my mom coined a few days ago and to be quite honest, it has a bit of a ring to it. If you have yet to figure out it is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas, allow me to help you out. Now you might be wondering how this whole conversation came about in the first place, right?

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A Time To Give Thanks!

food-salad-healthy-vegetablesHalloween is, dare I say, dead and gone? Now, it is time to roll into the next holiday- Thanksgiving. I went the mall over the weekend and all of the Halloween décor was taken down and the Christmas décor was already up. Christmas trees, red bows and fancy, glittery presents filled the windows of every store. Did we decide to skip over Thanksgiving or what? Continue reading

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Hotel Room Decor

hotel-architectural-tourism-travel-53577Ahhh vacation! Who does not love a good vacation? Though most of the time, vacation comes with the hassle, and reward of finding a hotel. Do not get me wrong, hotels are fun, hotels are exciting and hotels are all over the place, but a part of the fun of  staying in a hotel, is the décor. The décor can easily make or break your feelings towards a hotel. Continue reading

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