Tune in to “Fixer Upper”

pexels-photo-4In a recent post, I discussed how creatives can get inspired by using the popular social platform, Pinterest. However, another way I strongly suggest for creatives to get inspired is through watching home improvement shows! There are so many different shows, on so many different networks, it may seem a little overwhelming trying to find which ones are worth watching.

So let me help you break down which home improvement shows are worth tuning in for. My absolute favorite show is “Fixer Upper,” featuring married couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines. The purpose of the show is for the couple to take three potential ‘fixer upper’ homes located in or around Waco, Texas and renovate and revitalize them to fit the needs and desires of the potential buyers featured for that episode. Once the featured buyers select the home in which they want to be renovated and designed by the couple, the rest of the episode will show the process behind the renovation. Chip manages the construction and realty side of the show, whereas Joanna is the lead designer. At the end of the show, Chip and Joanna will reveal their work to the buyers of their newly renovated home.

Although “Fixer Upper” is my favorite home renovation show, there are many other good ones as well. Those include: “Property Brothers,” “Flip or Flop,” and “Rehab Addict.” Home improvement shows, not only give you a chance to see the process behind each home improvement, but it also allows you a chance to get inspired by different designs and ideas. Check your local listings for the days, times and channels of each show and tune in!

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