A True Debate: Real or Fake?

pexels-photo-24571Christmas is just a few weeks away. I am sure by now you either have your tree decorated to the nines or have yet to even get one. When it comes to the stress of the holidays, there is really no middle of the road. There are those who have had their tree up since December 1st and there are those who get a tree one week before Christmas. My family used to be the latter of the two, that was, until we decided to buy a fake tree. Yes, I said fake tree. I know some of you have strong feelings about fake trees, but I am all for them. In my last post, I talked about this idea my mom came up with called “Thanksmas.” This is where we enjoyed the spirit of the holidays with our (fake) Christmas tree, while also enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner. The concept behind this idea was brilliant; however, it would not have been plausible, if we were the type of family to buy a real tree. In just three easy steps, we had a six foot Christmas tree, assembled and lit before we knew it. In years past, we had a fake Christmas tree that seemed like almost as much work as a real one. It had branches arranged by color, and letter. A-K to be exact. It took two hours to set up, which to me, defeats the purpose of a quick and easy, fake tree.

However, last year, after the New Year, my mom found a three piece Christmas tree on clearance. Needless to say, it has been the best investment yet. I mean, it looks like a fake tree, but it still provides the same holiday spirit. My best friend is ashamed that we use a fake tree and each year, he tries to convince my family to buy a real one. With a real tree, the bristles get all over the floor, it has to be watered constantly, and it is a lot of work to haul from the tree lot to your home; or better yet, go to the forest, cut it down, load it onto your car, and then haul it in your house. The only benefit in my eyes of having a real tree, is the wonderful smell it provides. My solution to that however, is a delightful pine tree spray from Bed Bath & Beyond. Not only is a fake tree easy to set up, but it also helps the environment because it is reusable. Regardless of whether you are getting a real tree or a fake tree this holiday season, remember that it is important to always unplug the lights at night, keep glass ornaments away from small children and most importantly, enjoy your Christmas tree-real or fake.

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