A Time To Give Thanks!

food-salad-healthy-vegetablesHalloween is, dare I say, dead and gone? Now, it is time to roll into the next holiday- Thanksgiving. I went the mall over the weekend and all of the Halloween décor was taken down and the Christmas décor was already up. Christmas trees, red bows and fancy, glittery presents filled the windows of every store. Did we decide to skip over Thanksgiving or what? Although Thanksgiving décor may be few and far between, it surely does not mean we have skipped over decorating for this holiday. It is, by far, one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! When decorating for Thanksgiving, I not only get to use all of the festive colors associated with Fall, but I also get to use pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, colorful leaves to throw on the table and cute little decorative turkey’s. What is not to love?

Typically, I use a cloth tablecloth as the base of my tablescape; however, it can sometimes be a challenge tracking down that perfect tablecloth to fit the décor and the extended table for your 20 guests. A new trendy solution to this problem, is to use paper table runners. Now you might be thinking, wait a second, I do not want this to look cheap. If that is your concern, do not fret. It is a great festive and trendy way to not only decorate your table, but also to get your guests involved in the table décor. Once you have placed your paper table runner down, fill your table as you normally would and create a tablescape just as you would with a cloth tablecloth. However, the only thing you will do differently, is you will leave a small space on the right (or left if some guests are left-handed) side of their plate, along with a marker pen. Then, take a template, or just hand write: “I am thankful for…” Then when your guests sit down at the table, tell them to write down two or three things they are thankful for this holiday.  Once they have done so, go around the table and have your guests share with the table. This is a great and easy way to decorate your table, all while getting your guests involved too. With that being said, cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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