Hotel Room Decor

hotel-architectural-tourism-travel-53577Ahhh vacation! Who does not love a good vacation? Though most of the time, vacation comes with the hassle, and reward of finding a hotel. Do not get me wrong, hotels are fun, hotels are exciting and hotels are all over the place, but a part of the fun of  staying in a hotel, is the décor. The décor can easily make or break your feelings towards a hotel. If you check-in to a hotel and swing the door open to your room, to find there are green carpets, hideous floral bed spreads and old, rickety side tables, you probably are far less excited for your stay in that hotel than you were before opening that door and seeing that décor. Similarly, if you swing the door open and see beautiful charcoal grey carpets, with fresh white bed spreads and beautiful cherrywood side tables, you are probably as excited to enjoy your gorgeous hotel room as you are to get out and explore.

I cannot speak for all, but I do know that is always the case for me. I have stayed at a number of hotels in a number of different cities, and no matter the destination, I always spend a good chunk of time on researching a hotel, when planning the trip. I used to think, “Oh it does not matter what the hotel room looks like, I will not be spending that much time in it anyways.” Which is true, to a degree, but it can also make your stay that much less exciting- and after all, vacation is supposed to be exciting, right? I am all for finding a hotel room, with nice décor, for a fair price. Sometimes individuals want to take the cheaper route and spend less on the hotel room and usually end up regretting it once they see what they will be staying in for the next few days.

It is important to find a hotel with décor that you like because after all, that will be your living space while you are on vacation. I like to do my research on the hotels, and you should to! Before booking your hotel stay, make sure to check out pictures of the hotel room, so you know exactly what you are in for…before you swing that door open!

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