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Tune in to “Fixer Upper”

In a recent post, I discussed how creatives can get inspired by using the popular social platform, Pinterest. However, another way I strongly suggest for creatives to get inspired is through watching home improvement shows! There are so many different … Continue reading

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Step Away From The Merchandise!

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly walking around the store, shopping for items you do not really need? I know I do. It is a bittersweet feeling of enjoyment and disappointment. At the time, is feels great, but when I come … Continue reading

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How To Properly Store Your Decorations!

Halloween is only a few weeks away! Which is exciting, but also a bit stressful because it seems like right after Halloween, the holidays come one after another. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and before you know it, you are … Continue reading

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Inventory Check:

In my last post, I talked about this idea of “closet shopping,” or “cabinet shopping, shelf shopping or box shopping.” To each his (or her) own, but the concept remains the same. Designate a specific spot in your home that … Continue reading

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To Stage or Not to Stage?

When selling a home, homeowners often ask themselves whether or not they should pay to have a professional home stager come in and stage their house prior to putting it on the market. Some might ask, what exactly is home … Continue reading

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Welcome Creatives!

Welcome to your one stop shop, for all things decorating. For years, I have been trilled by the thought of the holidays approaching, not because of the gifts I would receive, but for the fact that I would get the … Continue reading

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