‘Tis The Season

apple-iphone-smartphone-deskThe holidays are just around the corner and although I am excited, I am equally as overwhelmed. The semester is coming to an end, I have gifts I have to buy and wrap, and my room is an absolute mess. I want to enjoy my holidays, not stress about them. A lot of my stress comes from not being able to find the things I am looking for. It is important to be organized, but it is even more important to stay organized during the holidays. Now usually people reorganize and clean during the Spring months and call it “Spring Cleaning,” but I like to do a bi-yearly purge as well. I call it a “Holiday Sweep.” I spend one weekend during the month of December and focus on organizing my life, purging items I do not need and most importantly decorating my room. It may seem like I am asking a lot of you during this time of year, but I promise you it will be worth it. It will give you clarity in a time of chaos. A “Holiday Sweep” allows you the opportunity to get organized, enjoy your holiday decorations and give to those in need. Once you have purged the items you do not need, you can donate them to a local organization. It is a win, win for everyone!

I spent last weekend doing my “Holiday Sweep.” I not only cleaned and organized my room, but I also cleaned and organized a number of closets in my house. I was able to find clothes, shoes, and blankets that could all be donated. I now have clarity in my life, and warmth in my heart. I am able to enjoy my holiday decorations, while knowing I was able to donate to those that are less fortunate than myself. It is indeed a fulfilling and rewarding feeling, especially during the season of giving.

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