Ornaments Galore

pexels-photo-105479Have you ever been in that dilemma where you felt like you had to get a gift everyone around you? Like for that one friend of a friend, or for that one neighbor who throws your newspaper up to your porch every morning, or for that sweet office lady at your kids school? Well as thoughtful as it is for you to feel compelled to give them a gift this holiday season, just know that you can do so without spending a lot of money. Holiday gifts are not about how much money each person spent on one another, but rather that they were thought about during the holidays. A fun and festive gift-giving idea that I have done for years is to make people ornaments. Not only are they personable and cheap to make, but they also allow you the opportunity to get crafty. It is simple, go to your local craft store and buy a bunch of printed, wooden ornaments. They typically sell them for under a dollar, depending on where you go. You can then either buy a marker set if you would like to color them in, or you can buy a set of paints and paint them. Last year, I was able to find wooden gift boxes that had cutouts in the center of each gift box where a picture could be placed. I then printed out a picture of myself and the person I was giving the ornament to and placed it in the cutout. At the end of your crafting, be sure to write in a Sharpie on the back of the ornament the year you made it, along with a sweet note.

Once you have decorated your ornament, you can then wrap it up and give it to them, or attach it to a towel, wine bottle or another gift. It is a great way to make something special and personal for that one person you do not necessarily want to spend too much money on, or do not know what to give to them. However, if you do want to spend money on them, you can attach your ornament to a gift card, which show that person you wanted your gift to be personal, yet practical! Happy crafting!

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