pexels-photo-76931Yes, you read that right… I said Thanksmas! This is a term my mom coined a few days ago and to be quite honest, it has a bit of a ring to it. If you have yet to figure out it is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas, allow me to help you out. Now you might be wondering how this whole conversation came about in the first place, right?

Well, it all started when my mom had asked me when I would be decorating the Thanksgiving table. At the start of the week, she had told me it would just be my immediate family, plus one. However, later in the week, she told me we now will be hosting 14 guests. That is a bit of a jump in terms of decorating. So, I went to my supply closet and started gathering what I could. We have a few different sets of plates and napkins in sets of six, but we do not have any matching sets for 14 guests, only 12. Fear not I told her, I will make this work.

The holidays are a time for family, fun and decorating, but it should in no way be an added stress. Fortunately, 14 is an even number so if I mix burnt orange and mustard yellow plates, it will still fit the theme while still looking presentable. Feel free to alternate with any items you do have, instead of focusing on what you do not have. Your table will look just as beautiful without the stress and cost of buying new tableware.

Towards the end of the “table décor” conversation, my mom adds in that she would also like me to set up the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree? Did I hear that correctly? Yes, yes I did. She said during the holidays she never gets to enjoy the Christmas tree because she is busy running around. So, she wants to be able to enjoy her tree, while also enjoying her Thanksgiving dinner. She said, we will call it “Thanksmas!”

For those of you who are wondering, we use a fake tree every year with white lights and little to no ornaments. Which thankfully, will fit the theme of my table, without becoming distracting. To be quite honest, I am excited about this idea and think it is something that could catch on. They always say “mother knows best,” right?

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