Pique Of Your Interests-Pinterest?

pinterst-wordpressDo you have magazines laying around your house? Ones that you have never even opened before? Well I know I do and in an effort to declutter my house and my life, I found an alternative to magazines. It is an online platform called Pinterest. If you have an account, great! If you do not, make one!

Pinterest is a wonderful social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting images, videos and infographics to their own “boards” or other’s “boards.” Each user has a “board” that holds a collection of ‘pins,’ ranging from a number of different categories. A ‘pin’ is essentially a post. Once you have made an account, you have access to all that Pinterest has to offer. Fairly recently, Pinterest modified their search engine to search for each individual term and break it down into categories for you. So for example, if I search “Catwoman Halloween Costumes,” Pinterest will break down my search into “cat,” “woman,” “halloween,” “costumes.” That way, all pictures, videos, infographics, etc. related to any one of those key terms will instantly be searched for and brought up on my screen. Below the search bar, it will also list a number of categories, such as “DIY,” “Catwoman,” and “Makeup Ideas.”

Moreover, if I chose to search a broad topic, like “Interior Design,” then it will not only break down my search into everything relating to the words “interior” and “design,” but it will also offer me a wide range of categories so I can specify what I am looking for. For example, the categories it suggests for me is “Apartment,” “Ideas,” “Bedroom,” “Styles,” “Rustic,” “DIY,” “Vintage,” “Modern,” Living Room,” etc. I can then scroll through various ‘pins’ to find what I am looking for. Once I find what I am looking for, I can ‘pin’ it to my personal board and save it for next time.

Whether you are looking for interior decorating ideas, halloween costumes, cooking recipes or workout tips, Pinterest has information for any topic that piques your interest.  You can organize your pins on different boards, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for and refer back to it later. Pinterest is a great way to learn new things, get inspired and put your creativity to the test!


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