How To Properly Store Your Decorations!

autumn-black-dark-decoration-41200-2Halloween is only a few weeks away! Which is exciting, but also a bit stressful because it seems like right after Halloween, the holidays come one after another. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and before you know it, you are into the next year. This can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to decorating your home because the colors are not consistent with each holiday. 

This can make it feel almost impossible to stay organized with all of the different decorations being put up and down around your home for each holiday. You not only have different decorations for the table, the living room and the kitchen, but you also have all of your decorations for the front yard and maybe even the backyard. It seems rather overwhelming to stay organized right? As I have said before, document everything! Snap and save all of your creations because this will not only help you when recreating your masterpieces, but it will also help you to stay organized when takings decorations out and putting them away.

My favorite way to organize my holiday decorations are to put them in clear, gallon-sized containers. This way, you can have one box (or three) for every holiday. It also helps to label the side of the box with painters tape, to make it even easier to grab. If  you are like me when it comes to decorating, then I can almost promise you all of your decorations will not fit in just one box, so organize your items within the boxes. Perhaps you label one as “Outdoor Halloween Decorations,” and the other as “Indoor Halloween Decorations.” That way, when you go to decorate for Halloween, you can easily know what goes where. Another way I like to stay organized is to organize the decorations, according to the pictures. Maybe you put the Halloween-themed kitchen towels, pumpkin candle, and decorative cups in the same container, so when you go to decorate the kitchen, you have all your items at hand. Along with the picture from last year of course! Regardless of how you choose to organize your decorative items, keep in mind that the more organized you are, the easier it is to switch the décor for each holiday.

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