Inventory Check:

hand-notes-holding-thingsIn my last post, I talked about this idea of “closet shopping,” or “cabinet shopping, shelf shopping or box shopping.” To each his (or her) own, but the concept remains the same. Designate a specific spot in your home that you can keep all things decorating. By doing so, it will not only help keep you organized, but it will also help cut down your decorating time. Let me put it into perspective. If I am making dinner for my family and I have to go grocery shopping, I do not want to make four different stops to prepare my food. I want to go to one grocery store, to get all of my food because by the time I go to four different stores to get my food to prepare the meal, I am too tired to even make the meal! That is the same idea for decorating. If you have to run around your home trying to find different candles and placemats and tablecloths, it becomes overwhelming and exhausting.

The solution- a designated area for all things decorating, a one stop shop if you will. The question is however, what exactly do you need in your supply closet? Allow me to help you in this process by sharing with you all the supplies I keep in my supply closet:




-Plates (salad/dinner/etc.)

-Bowls (soup/salad)


-Glasses (wine/water/etc.)


-Napkin ring holders

-Candles of different sizes & colors

-Accent Fabric

-Table jewels/pebbles/etc.

Depending on the type of occasions you are decorating for and the number of people in which you are entertaining, the supplies may vary. Overall, however, the items above help to create a baseline of necessary items. Feel free to add or subtract any that are on this list, and if you think of something that you think should be added, message me through the contact page at the top!

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