Time To Go [Closet] Shopping!

tealight-candles-tea-lights-waxContrary to common misconceptions, you do not have to go out and buy new knickknacks for each holiday in order to decorate your home. Although during the holidays it can be very tempting, it is really much simpler than that. I like to call it “closet shopping.” For myself, it is called closet shopping, but for others, it may be called something different.

I understand that not everyone has an empty closet in their house that they can designate as their “decorating closet,” however, the concept behind the idea remains the same. Find a closet, a cabinet, a shelf, or even a box that can be delegated strictly for your décor items. By doing so, it makes it easily accessible for you to decorate quickly, because all of your items are in one location.

Closet shopping can be ideal, when you are in a crunch to decorate quickly, but it can also be a bit of a struggle if you do not have the proper inventory. It is important to have a range of different shapes, sizes and colors of décor items. Also, when buying décor items at the store, try to envision where you might put the item, and/or what other items in your closet that it might coordinate with. I know first hand that it is easy to get carried away at the store, only to come home and find out you have items that do not pair well with anything. Check out my next post to find out exactly what items you will need in your closet!

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