Snap It & Save It!

pexels-photo-122400Decorating can be both a fun and festive hobby, but at times, it can feel a bit overwhelming. First, you must start with a clean canvas and this usually involves cleaning the house; then, you have to gather all of the decorating supplies, and finally once you have done all of that, you have to envision and attempt to create your next masterpiece.

It seems like almost more work than it is worth, right? Well it should not have to feel that way, especially if you follow this trick! The key to making this process seem a little less daunting is to document all of your creations. That way, when you go to decorate at that time next year and in years to come, you already know what supplies are needed and where everything should go.

For individuals who do not decorate all of the time, the task of decorating will sometimes feel like a chore. However, this simple trick will cut down the decorating time by nearly half because one is essentially following a template, rather than recreating the decorations time and time again. Each creation that you snap, can be printed and saved in a photo album. This photo album can then go into your supply closet, next to your supplies. This not only makes for easy access, but it cuts down the decorating time by nearly half. So get out your camera, turn on your creative, and start snapping away!

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