To Stage or Not to Stage?

pexels-photo-106399When selling a home, homeowners often ask themselves whether or not they should pay to have a professional home stager come in and stage their house prior to putting it on the market. Some might ask, what exactly is home staging? According to the Staging Diva, home staging is the art of decorating a house to sell quickly and for top dollar ( Home staging can also be referred to as, house fluffing, real estate staging, house staging or real estate enhancement. Although it may seem like a bit of an investment at the time, the payoff usually tends to fall in favor of the homeowner because it increases the marketability of the property for sale. Ultimately, what every homeowner wants is to achieve less time on the market, and subsequently increase the price of the house.

One thing to think about when considering whether home staging is the right step for you to take, is to ask yourself what is the difference between a house and a home? A house is a structure, a piece of property, if you will. A home on the other hand, is a warm and inviting living space. However, each family’s “home” typically represents his or her’s sense of style and décor, but that does not necessarily mean it is everyone’s cup of tea so to speak. Home staging, allows for a happy medium. It takes a house and turns it into a home, but in a subtle and fitting way. Often times, professional home stagers create a space that fits the style of the home. Home staging often includes, ridding the house of excess clutter, rearranging furniture between rooms, rearranging art and accessories, painting, and changing lighting. These small changes can result in a huge impact. So next time you are questioning whether home staging would be the right choice for you, remember that an investment in home staging will often cost less than the first price reduction on your house. Décor, or lack thereof, can either make or break a potential homeowner’s first impression.

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