Welcome Creatives!

pexels-photo-89860Welcome to your one stop shop, for all things decorating. For years, I have been trilled by the thought of the holidays approaching, not because of the gifts I would receive, but for the fact that I would get the opportunity to decorate a table, a room or in some cases, a whole house based off of that holiday. On this site, you will find creative and innovative ways to decorate any space within your home. With these quick tips and easy techniques, you will be able to decorate your home for any festivity, in a stress-free way. Yes, I said stress-free. Decorating should be fun, creative and relaxing. At no point should it feel like a overwhelming task, a daunting chore, or a stressful job. It is an art form, a creative hobby. Martha Stewart is not peering over your shoulder making sure it looks just right, so do not ever feel the pressure that it has to be perfect. Be creative, open-minded and expressive.

I believe it does not take a lot of money to decorate your home or create a tablescape for your next dinner party. What it does take, is an open mind, a well-stocked supply cabinet and your creative imagination. So join me on this journey of creating a more festive and decorative home.

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